Habitare14 Design Competition
Finalist Honorable mention


The brief called for new ideas for a movable picnic canopy. The annual student design competition took place in two rounds: first, the jury chose five finalists, and for the second round each team produced a 1:1 model to be exhibited at Habitare design expo. Viivy was created through extensive prototyping and several iterations in collaboration with industry partners during Summer 2014.

Viivy, or Linger, is an outdoor collapsible canopy. The idea is to address the core concept of a picnic: the spontaneity, the joy of being outdoors, and gathering with friends in an informal fashion. Picnic should not be about serious equipment, but about enjoying the fleeting moment.

Viivy consists of three parts: a collapsible carbon composite structure, a perforated felt blanket, and a weather-resistant sail cloth with luminous sailing tape attached to one side. All the parts together only weigh less than 4 kg in total, so the package is still convenient to carry even with picnic foods on the other arm. After empirical research, the team identified unpredictable weather as the biggest threat to a picnic in the Finnish summer. The aim of the project is to prolong the moment, to make it linger, understood both in literal and in metaphorical sense. On practical level, the picnic can continue by quickly assembling the canopy in case of rain or a need of shade. On the other hand, the picnic season always falls short in the cool, dark nights of Spring and Fall.

The felt blanket is a sitting cushion when the sail cloth is put up as a canopy. The luminous tape absorbs sunlight during the day, and when night falls, it glows beautifully and illuminates the party. Shadows of the activities during the day linger in the fabric, as the areas where people sat or where things were left for some time have absorbed less light and thus create a pattern on the canvas. The glow lasts for up to 8 hours, so the light of the day before might linger until the next morning.

The project was exhibited as a finalist at the annual design event in September 2014. Despite the obvious challenge of exhibiting a glow only visible in the dark at the brightly lit expo hall, the jury awarded Viivy with a honorable mention, considering it a beautiful concept and a well-developed idea.

In collaboration with Johanna Brummer
Partners: Exel Composites, Glowfast, Intermedius, Kopioniini, Laser Cut Studio, WB Sails

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Collapsible canopy set

Lingering moments

Activities of the day leave
silhouettes on the blanket.

Nighttime view

Once the sun sets, the luminous fabric begins to emit sunlight it has absorbed during the day.

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