Habitare11 Design Competition


Tre is a contemporary outhouse which was designed to compliment any Finnish summer house, or even a very urban setting at summer festivals. The team decided on a thin steel frame structure that allows for many types of facade materials, affordable wood like veneer being the team preference. The slim outhouse is very effective in its use of space, and the triangular shape both gives the traditional building type a new character and allows for stacking in case several outhouses are put up for a large event. The revolving tip of one corner is a door that messages with its inwards or outwards position whether the outhouse is busy or if the visitor is free to step in.

In collaboration with Ron Aasholm, Henri Paltemaa, Maija Parviainen

Outhouse Tre

Most people associate outhouses with summer homes in the countryside. However, the design can equally be implemented in urban events to replace the common eyesore portable toilets.

Heini-Emilia Saari

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