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Exploring Possible Futures

Scific (stylised scific.) is a service concept bridging the gap between science and the public, by inviting users to imagine future scenarios through science fiction. The concept enables CERN’s innovation unit IdeaSquare to collaborate with CERN scientists in order to get first-hand information on new breakthroughs in science, and translate them into inspiring challenges for the users in the web community.

The service encourages co-creation and collaboration within the community, and aims at creating true interaction between users and the contributing scientists. Creative content can take the form of any media, from stories and images to video and audio. Scific aims at translating cutting-edge technologies and new knowledge into speculative applications, exploring possible futures of the society. The concept was commissioned by CERN's IdeaSquare for the team of IDBM* Industry Project 2014–2015.

Team: Pericles Antoniades, Otso Leppänen, Sannamari Pilpola, Heini-Emilia Saari

Supervisor (Aalto University): Daniel Graff
Client Representative (IdeaSquare): Joona Kurikka

Images in the service mock-up layouts present results of a collaborative project between HEAD Geneve, CERN and IdeaSquare in 2015. Original work can be found at HEADxCERN.

*International Design Business Management Master's Programme, Aalto University

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How to create inspiring collaboration between CERN and interested people around the world?

Some research centres and companies are already starting to get organised on inspiring the 2,9 billion people connected online to actively participate in pushing the boundaries of human knowledge even further, but so far big part of the potential in the humankind is not utilised. What kind of approach would allow thousands of average people around the world to collaborate on solving questions like ‘what’s the practical application for Higgs boson?’ And how could the people participating in these projects get advice, inspiration and lectures from each other and from the top experts around the world?

Concept posters

CERN, Stranger than Fiction

Project report

Challenge Page

Content Creation

Users can join a challenge and participate by creating fiction addressing the challenge published by IdeaSquare. The framing of the challenge and the extent of material provided is up to the moderator. The fiction workshop page includes file upload and edit functions with teamwork application, and a draft library.

Heini-Emilia Saari

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